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Can Someone Tell Me What A Freight Company Is?

Freight Companies are logistic companies that focus and specialize in the moving or forwarding of freight from one place to another. These freight companies are divided into several different sections. There are international Freight Forwarders which ship goods and items from country to country. Domestic freight shipping companies or "Freight Forwarder" ship goods within a single country (domestic goods).

Freight can be shipped through various methods. Freight companies can ship your goods by sea, air, rail, or on the road. 3 Star Logistics takes advantage of the multiple freight shipping options by offering multi-modal solutions. This means that we offer more than one service for you to ship your freight (sea, air, road, truck). Today, the most common multi-modal way to ship freight is referred to as "Inter-modal". Inter-modal means truck pickup to rail to truck delivery.

3 Star Logistics freight shipping methods are based on three factors: cost, time and the products characteristics. For example, shipping your company’s freight by air is more expensive, but this is much quicker than shipping by sea. If the shipment of your freight is not on a strict timeline then we can help save you money by sending the freight by sea.

What Are Freight And Logistics Brokers?

Freight brokers are bonded and federally regulated companies. Typically, freight brokers have access to a large network of freight carriers and they search for the right availability based on the customer’s needs and specifications. Freight brokers rarely touch or “fingerprint” the freight that they are coordinating shipments for. Typically, a freight broker will engage in helping shippers find the best carrier and price for any given load. The freight brokers offer various “value added services” to the transportation, distribution, and logistics of freight.

Some logistics companies offer and include other 3rd party logistics providers. These logistic companies offer a variety of supply chain techniques in order to help improve in-house logistics. The difference between a traditional freight broker and most 3rd party logistics providers is:

(A) Freight Brokers do not physically touch the freight.

(B) 3rd Party logistics Providers often physically touch and move the freight.